Notes Collector

The current Neukadye field applications do not fully synchronize the user’s data, they effectively “offload it”, backing it up to the cloud for safe keeping and future processing.

The assumption (way back when these apps were first designed) was you’d want to collect the data in the field, but then copy it off the device onto a “real computer” as quickly as possible. A lot has changed since then. Networks are better and more prevalent (even in the field), mobile devices are more like real computers, and some people only have mobile devices.

Notes Collector is a new app designed with these things in mind. It is a similar application (similar to Timestamped Field Notes) however it synchronizes its data between your devices (and the cloud) in all directions in realtime (when online.)

If you collect on your phone or tablet it’ll be available on all your devices, and available to computers via the cloud. You could even record notes from multiple devices at the same time, into the same event.

Some benefits of the new approach:

  • Start a set of notes on any device, and pick them up (or continue them) on any other.
  • Have your notes saved to the cloud in realtime, when online. (The application still works offline. Offline notes synchronize automatically when network connectivity is reestablished.)
  • Keyword Set and Keyword updates are automatically shared between devices.

I would welcome beta testers for the iOS version of Notes Collector. Please contact me if interested.

Do you have feedback on these beta releases?


The following applications are in the process of being beta tested before release. If you have interest in these applications; any issues and/or features, please download the beta application (via Test Flight) and provide feedback to :

If you need to sign up for Test Flight to get access to these beta applications please contact the above address.

Timestamped Field Data 2.0.1

Timestamped Field Data 2.0.1 is in beta testing, to be released shortly.

There are two feature improvements. You can now reorder the data items using “Edit” and then the “three lines” to drag to reorder. Additionally you can use “Manage” / “Configure Application” and scroll down to “Colors” to enable different color group sets.

The are also a number of bug fixes (primarily with export, apologies for how those slipped through beta testing.)

Application Shortcuts?

Application shortcuts allow navigation directly into the application, directly to given screens or functionality, saving time and taps when completing a task.

Maybe you’ve wanted to toggle between your last two events, or open the “last triangulation” (not start a new one.) I’d love to hear your ideas for shortcuts (before I implement some of my ideas.)

Let me know at, or via social mechanisms.

Intervals (e.g. Focal/Scan Samples, and more.)

Some behavioral research requires monitoring activity at (or during) intervals of time. This can be for focal or scan sampling in wildlife behavioral research, or time sampling in psychology. Additional uses include bounding monitoring periods.


Timestamped Field Notes now allows the ability to define configurations of intervals:

  • Name of interval configuration
  • Interval duration (hours and/or minutes)
  • Text to insert into the event to mark each interval
  • … and a few others.

These can be associated with an event or a keyword set (to have it apply to each event created with those keywords.)

Intervals are presented on the screen (see screenshot) as a count down above the data entry fields. Intervals can be paused, restarted and/or reset – where the start of interval time is changed to now.

This feature is entering beta testing phase, and anybody willing to give their feedback on this feature – to see if it works well for their uses – is asked to express their interest to

It is too premature to document this feature yet, but when ready it’ll be added to the Timestamped Field Notes documentation.

Interval Timers in Timestamped Field Notes?

I’ve received some interest in “interval timers” for Timestamped Field Notes, i.e. regular audible blips, notifications and/or automatic text inserts that occur at time intervals during the event data entry. The purpose is to segment the data, or initiate regular action from the user.

This feature would help support behavioral sampling (e.g. scan sampling, instantaneous sampling) but maybe also other purposes for your need.

If interested in helping specify this feature, please comment here, or send your thoughts to or answer these quick questions:

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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